The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.      Maria Montessori


Farmhouse Montessori is a charming Montessori preschool nestled on a 10-acre hay farm in Ferndale, Washington. Garden patches, fruit trees, friendly chickens and our adorable nigerian dwarf goats invite children to explore the world of learning through their senses. We encourage young ones to be curious and independent learners in multifaceted ways, including socially, academically, and artistically. Farmhouse Montessori seeks to nurture a love of learning through hands-on multi-sensory materials and collaborative lessons, to inspire wonder, independence, and confidence.

Our Farmhouse classroom utilizes the comprehensive philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori method. Children work at their own unique learning levels in a structured and self-guided classroom, developing concentration skills and building self-esteem. Respect for one another is encouraged through “grace and courtesy”. Our mixed aged setting (3 to 5 years) enables younger children to be inspired by older children, while older children develop helping and leadership qualities.When children are allowed to engage learning through their own interests, at their own level, they are more likely to develop concentration and coordination, preparing them not only for academics, but also for life.


Lisa Call is the founder of Farmhouse Montessori. She built the preschool with a passion to foster Montessori learning in a natural setting that is both peaceful and inspiring, guided by Christian values. A certified AMS Montessori teacher, Lisa earned her BA from the University of Washington and served as head teacher at Lake Hills Montessori in Bellevue, Washington before moving to Ferndale, Washington. Married over 30 years, Lisa and her husband Steve are parents to three children and three grandchildren. Aside from teaching, her passions include spending time with her husband, gardening, cooking, and the Oregon coast.