About Farmhouse Montessori…

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Farmhouse Montessori seeks to foster learning that engages the senses, and deepens the understanding of the world around us, with respect to the child.

To that end, we purpose to:

  • Cultivate a love of learning

  • Awaken wonder and curiosity in the world around us

  • Nurture self-confidence, independence, and leadership

  • Develop grace and courtesy toward others

  • Provide multi-sensory learning opportunities in language, math, geography, science, and art.

Our prepared classroom is designed to provide materials and lessons that enable each child to choose freely according to their individual interest and level of learning. Multi-sensory materials promote a sense of order, independence, coordination, and concentration as each child grows and learns in their own unique way. Farmhouse Montessori emphasizes respect and appreciation of children and their intrinsic love of learning through hands-on purposeful work.

Farmhouse Montessori is designed for children 3 – 5 years old. The acceptance of an applicant is based on the child’s readiness for our Montessori program, determined by the teacher and parent(s). Children need to be toilet trained by their first day of school.

In our effort to create an educational environment true to the philosophy of Dr. Montessori, relatively even distribution of boys, girls, and ages is essential to the success of our classroom. Farmhouse Montessori reserves the right to prioritize admission on the basis of the child’s age and/or gender.

Farmhouse Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity or religion.

Schedule and Tuition:

  • Daily schedule:  8:50am-11:45am

  • M-W (3 days) tuition: $3500, ($350 per mo.)

  • M/T/W/TH (4 days) tuition: $4000, ($400 per mo.)

  • Lunch time:  11:45-12:30pm M-Th

  • Tuition is payable in ten monthly installments September through June

  • School year follows the Ferndale public school calendar